A Look Inside the Historic Douglass - Clark House in Gallatin, TN

Located in Gallatin, Tennessee is a historic house that stands as a reminder of the city's rich history. The Douglass-Clark House was built around 1852 […]
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Located in Gallatin, Tennessee is a historic house that stands as a reminder of the city's rich history. The Douglass-Clark House was built around 1852 by Dr. Josiah Douglas, who was one of Gallatin's earliest settlers. It was later purchased by James Clark and his wife, Elizabeth Henderson Clark, in 1881 and remained in their family for four generations until it was donated to the city in 1983. Let’s take a look at what this beautiful home has to offer.

The Architecture of the Douglass-Clark House
The Douglass-Clark house is an example of antebellum architecture with its Greek Revival style design featuring double chimneys on both ends and a symmetrical façade. It stands two stories tall with three bay windows on either side of the entrance way as well as six-over-six sash windows throughout. The interior boasts 12 foot ceilings, hardwood floors, original fireplaces and mantles, marble sinks, and handcrafted woodwork throughout.

Preservation Efforts
Since the house was donated to the city in 1983, local citizens have taken an active role in preserving this historic building through fundraising efforts and countless hours of volunteer labor. In 2011, an extensive restoration project was completed which included new roofing and siding installed to match the original specifications as well as electrical work done to bring the house up to current standards. In addition to these efforts, the house has also been designated as a National Historic Landmark by The National Register of Historic Places since 1977.

Popular Events at The Douglass - Clark House
Throughout the year there are many events held at The Douglass - Clark House that are open for public viewing including guided tours which are offered every Saturday from May through October from 11am until 4pm with no admission cost required! There are also special holiday events such as Christmas Open Houses which feature live music performances from local artists alongside refreshments made from recipes used during the time period when James Clark lived there. Other popular events include craft shows and antique fairs put on by local vendors showcasing items related to history or antiques from around town!

If you're looking for a unique way to explore history while also supporting your local community then visiting The Douglass - Clark House is definitely something worth checking out! From its stunning architecture to its preservation efforts over time this home stands as a beacon of times past and provides visitors with an intimate glimpse into life during different eras in Gallatin's history! Whether you're just passing through or live nearby don't miss out on your chance to experience all that this amazing house has to offer!

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