How to Migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

Grok Technology Services provides effortless GoDaddy to Microsoft Office 365 migration services for businesses across the US.

Migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

Most organizations are now shifting from GoDaddy to starting moving all their tenants using a Microsoft License. This migration lies in the business-changing conditions, lack of proper control of user platforms, and restrictions on licenses and functionalities.

The migration process is time-consuming, complex, and costly, regardless of the business size. Companies that consider factors like data security and tight timelines will be challenging. You can address this by hiring reliable Managed Service Providers to help you migrate seamlessly within your budget and timeline.

Here we look at the best way to achieve a successful migration from GoDaddy. Let's dive in!

Migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

Why Migrate From GoDaddy to Office 365

GoDaddy and Microsoft relish an integrated partnership allowing its users to get a custom domain and reliable productivity software. GoDaddy allows users to purchase discounted versions of the Microsoft 365 suite. The process is straightforward, allowing businesses to get custom email domains with Microsoft Outlook. Such a setup is an effective measure for controlling and elevating your reputation.

On the downside, these licenses have limits in terms of design. Microsoft 365 tenants bought using GoDaddy tend to have several issues. GoDaddy users do not have access to the complete Microsoft 365 Admin Center. It poses challenges in administrating the tenant as required by Microsoft. Other limitations when using GoDaddy include Microsoft 365 application with its feature sets. You may also find some crucial add-ons not available.

Security is a critical aspect of every business operating in the cloud. You can find some security and compliance limitations that prevent users from completely protecting their infrastructure. It's the most frustrating limitation, especially with costly expenses that accumulate as part of the partner deal.

When you already have GoDaddy and need a way to get the most out of it, it's best to look for a solution that enables you to take full advantage of every feature offered by Microsoft 365. While you can rebuild a tenant fully managed on Office 365, the process is costly and pretty challenging. You need thorough planning combined with technical adjustments and change management across organizational departments to move away from GoDaddy seamlessly.

The Need

Using GoDaddy to purchase your business Microsoft 365 tenant enables you to access various Microsoft services. Unfortunately, it will restrict your company from using different core functionalities that you may get when you purchase Microsoft 365 directly through Microsoft.

Without these functionalities, you face significant challenges such as controlling the cost per user that you will incur to enjoy full abilities.

Businesses that are still growing and expanding into new markets need to migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 to change how their staff collaborate, stores data, and other critical information. Microsoft constantly updates the Microsoft Applications automatically to match you with the modern trends.

Businesses that need to get the functionalities of the premium functions from M365 can get them through an ad-hoc subscription offered by GoDaddy. It is not the best option to go for on a tight budget.

GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 Migration Considerations

The challenge with migrating fully to Microsoft 365 is losing access to the GoDaddy data. The process is not direct, and you face two major decisions: protect your initial domain and its information, sign off and lose all your tenant data, then rebuild from scratch.

At Grok Technology Services, we will support you through any option you go for. We will recommend the best option that makes more sense and satisfies your organizational needs. Our experts will consider all your needs at the initial consultation then work to meet them as defined by your organization.

Manual migration from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 is time-consuming and complex. It involves exporting data, creating a new Microsoft 365 environment, transferring all your data, signing off from GoDaddy, and organizing data in the new environment. Finally, settle your tenant and enjoy the full capabilities you need from Microsoft 365.

Depending on the size of your organization, the number of users, and the sensitivity and complexity of your business data, your business will face unique challenges during the migration process. It would be best to start by thorough planning to avoid huge business disruptions.

You can minimize the complexity and risks involved with the migration by working with our experts at Grok Technology. We use effective migration tools to offer a simplified and secure format to complete the process with minimal disruptions. This way, you can quickly migrate to a new environment and access more opportunities for better adoption and enhance business value in the long run.

Migrate with Grok Technology Services

At Grok Technology services, we design the best tool and help your IT department succeed by resolving the migration pain points. The tools give valuable insights to offer guidance throughout the migration process. We will take you through the following stages to make your migration seamless.

The Discovery Phase

In the discovery phase, our technicians looked at your GoDaddy parameters to understand the scope of your migration plan. We use the discovery scan to determine the best approach, allowing you to move to a new environment with as few disruptions as possible.

Assessment Phase

After getting reliable discovery results, we will map out a perfect design approach with a pre-mitigation report to avoid potential risks that may develop during the process.


After assessing and mapping out the proper technique to migrate GoDaddy to Microsoft 365, we tested the environment and migration process to check for possible disruptions.


In the execution phase, we automate the migration of your SharePoint, GoDaddy mailboxes, and OneDrive data to the new environment. We generate reports with detailed insights to highlight actions and progress.


Our technical team is always ready to help in case of any unexpected issues during the migration process. Our support helps streamline your business migration goals to offer extra insight and assistance post-migration.

Seamless Migration from GoDaddy to Office 365 Migration with Grok Technology Services

Moving your business to Microsoft 365 is a lengthy and complex project. To complete the projects correctly, you repaired expert project management and technical support that you can get from us. We have years of combined experience to ensure seamless migration to Microsoft 365 with minimal disruption to your daily activities. Contact us today to get started.

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