Discover the Historic Stonewall in Gallatin, TN

Have you ever driven down Highway 231 in Sumner County? If so, you may have noticed the Historic Stonewall along the side of the road. […]
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Have you ever driven down Highway 231 in Sumner County? If so, you may have noticed the Historic Stonewall along the side of the road. This is one of Gallatin’s most beloved landmarks, and it has a rich history that dates back to before Tennessee even joined the Union. Let’s take a closer look at this piece of local history and discover why it's so important.

The History Behind Stonewall
The Historic Stonewall was built in 1797 as a protective fortification for the settlers of Middle Tennessee. At that time, many Native American tribes had strongholds along the Cumberland River and were constantly attacking Middle Tennessee settlers. The Stonewall was designed to protect them from these attacks and keep them safe. It was made up of two or three layers of stone walls, with large wooden doors that could be closed quickly in times of danger.

When Tennessee became part of the Union in 1796, there were fears that Native Americans would continue their raids on settlers throughout Middle Tennessee. In response to these fears, President Andrew Jackson ordered troops to build forts throughout the area for protection against further attacks. One such fort was built near what is now known as Gallatin—right next to the historic stonewall already constructed by settlers years prior. This fortification stands as testament to our nation’s early efforts to protect its citizens from potential threats and secure our safety within America’s borders.

Preserving Our History
Today, visitors can still visit the Historic Stonewall and enjoy its beautiful views from atop its walls. The site has been preserved by Sumner County Parks & Recreation Department (SCPRD) since 1962 and remains open for public exploration during daylight hours each day of the week except Monday when it is closed for maintenance purposes. SCPRD also organizes several events throughout the year at this location including educational talks about its history, guided tours, re-enactments, living histories, lectures and more!

The Historic Stonewall is an important piece of local history whose story must be remembered and cherished. Whether you are visiting Gallatin or just passing through on your way somewhere else, make sure you take some time out of your day to stop by this iconic landmark and appreciate all that it symbolizes—from protection against external threats to preservation of our shared history here in Middle Tennessee! It's well worth a visit!

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